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NFL Draft 2013: Where do the Kansas City Chiefs go with No. 34 overall?

Much has been made of the Chiefs decision with the first pick, but what about the second round selection?


Since the season ended miserably in Mile High, every Kansas City Chiefs fan started dreaming about the draft, wondering who will be the first young man to walk across the stage and bearhug Roger Goodell when his name is called.

Many hope he is Geno Smith, while some still pine for Luke Joeckel. Of course, the draft picture will become much clearer in the next two months with the combine, pro days and free agency all still to come.

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I wonder what will the Chiefs do with their second round pick, something that has gone under the radar.

Kansas City, despite being 2-14, does not have a ton of obvious holes in the starting spots. The offensive line is very good, Jamaal Charles is God, Dwayne Bowe (if re-signed) is a No. 1 receiver, and the defense has four Pro Bowlers on it with numerous other good players like Brandon Flowers, Tyson Jackson and Dontari Poe.

If a quarterback is taken with the first overall pick or signed before the draft, that leaves the Chiefs with a few needs that can be addressed at the 34th spot.

Since Brandon Carr left for the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City has had a virtual black hole at the No. 2 corner spot. Jalil Brown is good on special teams but not worthy of starting, and Javier Arenas is much better in the slot.

Wide receiver is a place that could certainly use some attention. Behind Bowe, who may not even be brought back for some insane reason, the Chiefs have Jonathan Baldwin who has done absolutely nothing and Steve Breaston who last I checked is in witness protection.

The third area of consideration would have to be inside linebacker. Following Jovan Belcher's suicide and watching Brandon Siler do zip, it's clear Kansas City needs an upgrade.

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Personally, sign me up for the best available at any of those positions. In my eyes the most glaring problem is cornerback because without one, Flowers becomes less valuable and it's harder to blitz with the opposing quarterback always knowing he has an out.

The draft is very deep in corner talent this year, giving the Chiefs some options. I think he'll be off the board by No. 34, but I love Xavier Rhodes out of Florida State. He's big and incredibly athletic, not to mention a solid tackler.

The wide receivers aren't elite coming out, but there is still some value. DeAndre Hopkins will probably be long gone by Day Two, but if he isn't I'd take the 6'1'', 200-pound mauler and run. Do you realize Hopkins had 82 catches, 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns?

He scored at least one touchdown in every game he played in last season except one.

At inside iinebacker, I'm with BJ Kissel on this. Arhtur Brown is an elite talent with good speed but more importantly, football IQ and instincts. Brown is a bit undersized, but so was Ray Lewis coming out of school. Brown is going to be a stud and could be available for Kansas City.

So what say you guys? What position are you drafting if a a QB isn't a need come round two?

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