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Kevin Boss in the mix for the Chiefs all-important tight end job

Our education of Andy Reid continues, this time focusing on the history of the production of tight ends in Reid's West Coast offense.


There are lots of angles to uncover with the Kansas City Chiefs new regime, figuring out Andy Reid's offense, Bob Sutton's defense, John Dorsey's preferences and other details like that.

One of those angles previously untouched: Andy Reid's use of tight ends. Herbie Teope of Pro Football Weekly dives into the history of tight ends under Andy Reid and ... well, it's promising.

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Reid himself is a former tight ends coach. Guys like Chad Lewis (Pro Bowl), L.J. Smith and Brent Celek have had success under him. Mark Chmura was a regular Pro Bowler for a few years with Reid in Green Bay. Everywhere Reid has been, successful tight ends have followed, and there's a reason for that. It's the system stupid!

Chad Lewis sums it up simply: "He loves tight ends and he knows how to get them the ball." The tight end plays a much larger role in the West Coast Offense than I initially realized as one of the primary reads for the quarterback. Take a look at the entire piece here.

The other reason I bring up Herbie's article is because of Kevin Boss. He suffered a concussion in Week 2 against the Bills, ending his season prematurely. Boss also had a concussion in Oakland and at least a couple in New York before that. Because of that concussion history, the rumor in league circles was that Boss would retire.

But apparently that's not the case. Read Herbie's piece, which includes quotes from Boss, and tell me if that sounds like someone who's going to retire: "I'm hoping to get back this year" and "Boss said he was looking forward to playing for Reid" and "These are exciting times now for the Chiefs."

Didn't think so.

Are we still excited about Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki teaming up? Remember when that was a big thing last year?

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