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2013 NFL Draft: Chiefs trade down sounds great but... insiders Pat Kirwan and Pete Prisco join Kevin Corke to discuss the top picks in the draft and the Kansas City Chiefs situation.

Listen to Pat Kirwan. I like that guy.

In this piece, he notes that he's talked to Andy Reid about staying in the 3-4 defense -- Reid saw there was too much talent there to change it.

Kirwan also said that the Chiefs have five free agents of value worth keeping. Here's the list of current Chiefs free agents.

Pete Prisco said the Chiefs should trade down if they could find a trade partner.

Kirwan also said the Chiefs should trade the pick. He said it could come down to Geno Smith's momentum --can he rise quickly enough so that a team wants to trade up ahead of Jacksonville for him?

Of course I would entertain trading down. But if there's a player worth trading up for ... shouldn't the Chiefs just pick that player?

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