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Andy Reid to Chiefs rumors: 'I'm going to be surprised if he is not the next Chiefs coach'

Andy Reid to the Chiefs is picking up steam after the Chiefs interviewed him in Philly on Wednesday. Reid and the Chiefs met for nine hours, lending to speculation that the two sides are nearing a deal.


Over the next few hours and days, we're going to be hearing more reports that the Kansas City Chiefs are "close" to a deal with Andy Reid, the former Philadelphia Eagles coach they interviewed on Wednesday.

I'm choosing to be very hesitant about believing everything I hear. This is the NFL's silly season where people have a motive to bend the truth and push other agendas.

All that said ... ESPN's Chris Mortensen indicates the Chiefs may be the front runners for Reid's services. Here's Mort on ESPN's Mike and Mike this morning (via PFT):

"The Chiefs were trying to close a deal with Andy Reid," Mortensen said. "At this point I'm going to be surprised if Andy Reid is not the Chiefs' coach. Now, I've been surprised before, but there's a lot of activity there. Some would say, ‘Why Kansas City over Arizona?' One thing is, in Kansas City, Clark Hunt, the owner of the Chiefs, he'll let Andy Reid build this thing the way he wants to build it. And if you know Andy, he wants to be able to basically pick the entire organization, set up his personnel. . . . The Chiefs are willing, and Clark Hunt is willing to do that."

Again ... caution. We've been in these situations before where it didn't work out.

But the Chiefs sure do look like the leaders in the Andy Reid race.

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