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Chiefs coaching rumors: Ray Horton could be a candidate, according to Ray Horton

The KC Chiefs coaching search has to this point focused on two offensive coaches (Dirk Koetter, Andy Reid) and one special teams coach (Keith Armstrong). We could be adding a defensive-minded head coach to that list -- Cardinals' Ray Horton.

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Christian Petersen

The KC Chiefs coaching rumor mill slowed down quite a bit when we began to focus on Andy Reid, the former Eagles coach who interviewed with the Chiefs for over nine hours on Wednesday.

But don't be fooled. The rumors, they are-a-comin'.

Chiefs coaching rumors: Andy Reid meeting goes 9 hours | Photo: Reid in a Chiefs uniform

The latest Chiefs coaching rumor involved Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton. The source of this particular gossip is Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

Let's see what Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton has to say about this:

"I've got an interview with Buffalo this afternoon (Wednesday)," Horton told the Arizona media after interviewing with the Cardinals. "And that's the last one on the book. I've heard rumors, not substantiated by me, that Kansas City and San Diego are interested. I don't know that because I haven't talked to my agent today."

LOL. That was weird. Because, as far as I can tell, Horton might've substantiated those rumors right after he said he didn't substantiate those rumors. Are we in bizarro world?

I don't know much about Horton and his credentials, but the fact that he's not an offensive-minded head coach would concern me. The Chiefs have the No. 1 pick coming up. This head coach is all about getting the right quarterback.

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