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Andy Reid to the Chiefs would mean what for GM Scott Pioli?

KC Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was present for the Chiefs interview of Andy Reid even though Clark Hunt is running the coaching search. If Andy Reid is hired, what would that mean for the future of Pioli? Many people expect it to mean Pioli's on his way out.


After firing Romeo Crennel on Monday, KC Chiefs owner Clark Hunt laid out his vision for the future of the Chiefs, a vision that included a change to their current organizational structure.

The head coach would report directly to Hunt, not the GM, and the head coach would have input on the future of Pioli. The head coach, as I understand it, would become more of a focal point, rather than the GM.

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When I heard this, I reached out to our Eagles blogger (coincidentally before the Andy Reid news) to learn a little more because that sounded an awful lot like the way the Eagles run their operation.

We talked about this on 610 Sports on Wednesday with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison: that set-up also sounds quite a bit like the way Pioli operated in New England with Bill Belichick -- the coach was running the show but Pioli was a strong personnel man at his side.

From the outside looking in, that made some sense to me. Pioli has been in that position before, right?

But these are real people with real personalities who would have to work together so I can't say that I know such a set-up, like the one Pioli had in New England, is feasible here once another head coach comes in. Maybe the new head coach would want his own guys in there. It's no different than a new boss coming into any other job.

So this brings us to the hypothetical: If Andy Reid is hired, what happens to GM Scott Pioli?

These all appear to be reading-the-tea-leaves type of answers -- not sourced reports. That's because there isn't a head coach yet so there's nothing to source. If the head coach will have input on Pioli's future, we don't know what that input that will be until the head coach is hired.

But that's a heck of a list of people who think Pioli is out of Reid is in -- NFL Network. Cleveland Plain-Dealer, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports. Geez.

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