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Dustin Colquitt has a fan in the Chiefs new special teams coach Dave Toub

Dustin Colquitt, the Kansas City Chiefs punter, is scheduled to be a free agent. But he'll be back in Kansas City if the Chiefs special teams coach has anything to say about it.


We have a lot of in common, me and Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub. For starters, we both want Dustin Colquitt back as a Chief. Toub, hired officially last week, talked to the Kansas City media for the first time on Monday and I found his reaction to Dustin Colquitt's impending free agency very interesting.

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"I particularly like our punter, I like him a lot," Toub said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "I've never really had a punter that bombed a ball like this, we've had directional punters with Brad Maynard and Adam Podlesh before, we were a directional cover team where we were going to try to kick the ball outside the numbers.

"Whereas Dustin [Colquitt], he more kind of bombs the ball. He's working on being directional, but he's going to bomb the ball and give you good hangtime and distance at the same time. We'll have to adjust a little bit more to him because he is quite the athlete."

Toub has been here for like 15 minutes and he already knows he wants his punter.

"I'd like to [keep Colquitt]," Toub said when asked. "But we'll see. That's not up to me, that's up to Andy Reid and the GM."

Colquitt, for his part, spoke to the Star last week and said he wanted to remain a Chief.

Toub's comments about Colquitt made me flash back to Todd Haley's first few weeks in Kansas City. At the 2009 NFL Combine, Haley was asked about his new team and he said, "I know we have a pretty good punter right now." And then considering Romeo Crennel's offense with the Chiefs, I'm sure he loved Colquitt, too.

So Dustin Colquitt is a coach's favorite. I hope he's back.

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