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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: The obligatory 'Should the Chiefs do it?' post

As a sports blogger, I am obligated to ask our readers if the Kansas City Chiefs should go after [Insert player name here] if there are trade rumors.

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You've all heard the reports by now. Darrelle Revis is on the block, the New York Jets are looking to trade him. We don't know if it's true but no one with the Jets came out and denied it as far as I know (despite having a press conference introducing their new GM shortly after it happened).

So I have to ask: Should the Chiefs do it?

Gang Green Nation: Cashing in on Revis | 5 potential landing spots

Shut down corner? Yeah, of course I want him on the Chiefs, especially because that lines up with what is arguably the Chiefs biggest need on defense -- cornerback.

But at what cost?

Reports vary on the asking price, ranging anywhere from a first round pick to a first and second round pick.

If I'm the Chiefs, I give up the 34th pick without question. It's yours, Jets. Give me Revis.

But the No. 1 overall pick? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. The Chiefs need a quarterback and only one of those two picks can guarantee that they'll get the top quarterback on their board.

If the Chiefs had a mid first round pick, I'd be more tempted. But, still ... the quarterback. They really, really need one. So let's say the price will be something like one current Chiefs starter plus a second round pick.

Taking into account all the details: Should the Chiefs make a play for Revis?

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