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The Senior Bowl, Andy Reid's love of Cheetos and a road trip

I had a chance to talk with a couple of Kansas City Chiefs fans today who made the trip down from Missouri to watch the Senior Bowl practices. They also ran into Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

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As I was walking into the stadium on Thursday I noticed a couple of guys wearing Kansas City Chiefs gear near the front of the parking lot. I was curious if these guys actually drove all the way down to watch the Senior Bowl practices.

So I walked over there and started a conversation.

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It just so happens that Jack 'Diddy' Griffey from Wappapello, Missouri and Ken 'Bam-bam' Hale from Lebanon, Missouri drive down to Mobile every year for Senior Bowl week. They're also Arrowhead Pride readers so the introduction was pretty easy as I was told it's 'on their bookmarked list'.

Those two got to meet Andy Reid this week.

Jack and Ken were listening to Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan on their 'Moving the Chains' radio show on Sirius radio when Reid was on as a guest earlier this week.

Reid was asked about coming in as the new head coach and mentioned that it's tough because he and Romeo Crennel are close friends. He went on to say that "at least the chair fits" because he and Crennel are both bigger guys.

Then Reid said Crennel had left a bag of Cheetos in his locker and that Reid was actually eating them at the time of the interview.

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So Jack and Ken hear this interview and decide that on the off chance they get to meet with Reid while they're here in Mobile that it'd be funny to have a bag of Cheetos for him at their tailgate spot in the parking lot. So they went out and bought the biggest bag of Cheetos they could find.

Well it just so happens that Reid did come out to talk with them and they were able to give him the bag they had bought.

Yes, he liked it.

Jack said that he's a 13-year season ticket holder for the Kansas City Chiefs and drives 6 1/2 hours each Sunday to Arrowhead stadium to watch the games.

Great story from a couple of very dedicated fans that I had the privilege to speak with today.

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