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NFL mock draft 2013: More first round QBs ... no, not for the Chiefs

Earlier in the week we looked at a 2013 NFL mock draft that included a whopping four first round quarterbacks -- but none to the Chiefs. Now we see another mock draft, this one from Sports Illustrated, with a similar dynamic.

Jeff Zelevansky

I just want a quarterback. That's all I want. That's why it's frustrating for me, as a Kansas City Chiefs fan, to see 2013 NFL mock drafts sending multiple quarterbacks in the top 10 -- but not to the Chiefs.

The same dynamic went down in this Fox Sports mock draft.

Don Banks of has a new mock draft up and the No. 1 pick is ... Luke Joeckel, left tackle out of Texas A&M.

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard this line...

"Quarterback is clearly the crying need in K.C., but there's not an Andrew Luck or RGIII in sight atop this year's board."

...I'd be a rich man. A very rich man.

Back to the mock draft. There are three top 10 quarterbacks in Banks' mock.

4. WVU QB Geno Smith (Eagles)

7. USC QB Matt Barkley (Cardinals)

8. NC State QB Mike Glennon (Bills)

I still don't understand how it's unthinkable to take a quarterback at No. 1 because of the value ... but you can take a quarterback at No. 4 with no questions.

Don Banks has Geno Smith as the No. 4 overall pick. Others have him as the fourth quarterback off the board. That tells you how little we all know right now.

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