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Matt Flynn trade rumors picking up: Pay attention, Chiefs

So, Chiefs fans, whaddya think of Matt Flynn? There are reports that the Seahawks are willing to trade Flynn who, because of time in Green Bay with new Chiefs GM John Dorsey, will be connected to Kansas City.

Jonathan Daniel

Let the trade rumors begin. The Matt Flynn trade rumors to be more specific. Per Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Flynn is very much on the block.

The Packers made Flynn a seventh round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Packers trusted Flynn enough to make him Aaron Rodgers' backup. He made two starts in Green Bay -- won one and lost one. But he looked very good in those starts, throwing for nine touchdowns to two interceptions (six in one game). That led him to the Seahawks, where he was supposed to start for them. You know, before Russell Wilson.

So now Flynn is in a position where he may have value and the Seahawks already have their quarterback of the future.

Enter the Chiefs.

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John Dorsey, the new Chiefs GM, was in Green Bay when the Packers drafted Flynn, so the connection there is obvious.

Would I like Flynn in Kansas City?

Sure! But I don't want that to stop the Chiefs from also drafting a quarterback. I'm of the mindset that I want the Chiefs to add as much quarterback talent to the team as possible. Money? Don't really care about how much they're paid. The Chiefs can make it work. It's the most important position in sports.

So, yeah, I'm down with Flynn. But I'm also down with using that No. 1 pick on a quarterback.

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