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Senior Bowl 2013: Greetings from Mobile, Alabama

I will be spending the next seven days down here in Mobile, Alabama covering the Senior Bowl for Arrowhead Pride. This is my first report!

Sean Gardner

There are over 100 of the best senior football players in the country in Mobile this week to perform in front of scouts, coaches, general managers, front office executives and hundreds of media members.

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Thanks to our fearless leader Joel I've got full access to the practices, press conferences, dinners and interviews in hopes of bringing you guys as much information as possible all week long. Most of the up-to-the-minute information will be coming out via my Twitter account (@bkissel7).

There are six quarterbacks down here in Mobile with three guys on each of the two teams. The South team has Landry Jones, EJ Manuel and Tyler Wilson while the North team has Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib and Zac Dysert.

Besides the obvious position of quarterback what other positions/players do you want me to check out while I'm down here?

I should have a post each morning with the highlights from the previous days' workouts and any players that really stood out for any reason, both good or bad. I'll also be mixing in a few videos for the Arrowhead Pride YouTube channel with some good stories on what I'm hearing from those in attendance. Other posts will be sprinkled in throughout the week when we have some down time.

I will try to paint the picture of the atmosphere and experience of the Senior Bowl as a whole. A good number of the most important decision-makers for each NFL team will attend the Senior Bowl practices this week and that includes the Kansas City Chiefs.

The National Football Scouting weigh-in starts the activities on Monday from 8:30-10:00am. The North team has an open practice from 2:30-4:30pm that I'll be attending and watching the quarterbacks specifically for this particular practice.

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