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This is a picture of Andy Reid wearing Chiefs gear

The KC Chiefs have interviewed Andy Reid and there are reports that the meeting went well. So what's the next step? It's obviously photoshopping a picture of Andy Reid into Chiefs gear.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports | Photo credit: Jamie Squire

Does that look good? Is that something you'd want to see?

Things can and absolutely will change but as of late Wednesday night the Chiefs and Andy Reid seem like a legit possibility. The Chiefs interviewed Reid in Philadelphia, according to reports. The interest in apparently mutual.

We'll be talking about this quite a bit over the next day or couple of days until a decision is made so get used to it.

I gotta say: I'm pretty excited about the Chiefs again. Like three days after the worst season ever. I'm a complete sucker.

(H/T @justinbopp for the Andy-Reid-in-red picture)

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