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Andy Reid doesn't go to Arizona after Chiefs interview

Fox 29's Howard Eskin was on the scene as a contingent from the KC Chiefs, including GM Scott Pioli, met with former Eagles coach Andy Reid on Wednesday.

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The Andy Reid rumors appear to be some pretty serious rumors.

The Philly media is tracking the story as a contingent of seven Chiefs met with Reid on Wednesday, including Clark Hunt, GM Scott Pioli, president Mark Donovan and others.

This according to a report from Howard Eskin of Fox 29 in Philadelphia. View his video report here.

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Reid was reportedly scheduled to visit the Cardinals later on Wednesday night.

According to the report, he did not make that trip tonight.

So ... yeah.

Eskin used the infamous word "close" but we've been through this before. I want to see this progress a little more before I start to believe this will happen. The next logical step is contract talk.

And, oh by the way, Reid's agent is also in the building. That doesn't necessarily mean anything but ... if you wanted to work on a contract, he'd be the one that needs to be there.

Eskin did say Reid would talk it over with his wife and he might still look at San Diego, so this thing isn't over with by any means.

Update: Another update on the meeting.

And it looks like Save Our Chiefs posted video of the report on YouTube. I transcribed what Howard Eskin said on the report.

"Former Eagles coach Andy Reid lost his job on Monday but he may be closer to another job after today. And it could be, it could be with Kansas City. I spoke with Andy Reid after his meeting of over eight hours, nearly nine hours. It was here in Philadelphia at the private airport Atlantic Aviation.

"At the meeting was the owner of the Chiefs, Clark Hunt, along with the GM Scott Pioli, and the president Mark Donovan along with four others from the front office. Reid was accompanied with his agent, Bob LaMonte. After the meeting, I was the only media person that spoke to Reid, and although he would not talk on camera, he did tell me he had no contract done -- eight hours and nothing done, or nine hours? -- but he does love the ownership, was very comfortable with all their people and he was scheduled to head to Arizona today but now he told he is not sure if he will go to Arizona. He wanted to talk to his wife. He also told me he may have a visit in San Diego."

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