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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/2

Good morning! Another day, another post on Kansas City Chiefs news (can you tell I'm not happy about the end of a holiday weekend?). Enjoy!

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Analysis: Pioli's Way Turns Into Dead End In KC from KC Star

Pioli will remain general manager if Hunt determines Pioli can have a satisfactory working relationship with the new coach. But his role would greatly be reduced if he stays.

Pioli formerly had decision-making power over the Chiefs' football operations. But early this week Hunt described a different arrangement moving forward, in which the coach and general manager will have equal power over decisions such as the drafting, trading and signing of players.

Hunt would serve as referee in times of dispute.

But the question remains: Where did the hiring go wrong?

Clark Hun Takes On Bigger Role from ESPN

"You know, historically, I've interacted with the general manager on everything that relates to the football team," Hunt told The Associated Press on Monday. "I've had conversations with the head coach, but they're few and far between, in terms of really strategic stuff."

Hunt said he anticipates having more discussions with the coach "in terms of him telling me, 'Hey, here's what we need to be successful.' "

Chiefs Shouldn't Stop With Crennel from FOX Sports

Pioli is a swindler. Pride and vanity will not push Pioli into forfeiting the millions of dollars he apparently suckered Hunt into promising him in the form of a contract extension. Pioli can't be shamed. Con men think little of themselves and care even less what others think of them.

The unprecedented events that transpired inside Arrowhead Stadium on Monday likely had little impact on Hunt's intended target - Scott Pioli.

More Than Logic Applies To Pioli's Future from Pro Football Weekly

Removing the middle man, in this case Pioli, could very well make the Chiefs' vacant head coach position more attractive. And this is especially true if the Chiefs draw interest from a high-profile coach accustomed to autonomy when making player and roster decisions.

Still, there's potentially more than just a win-loss record surrounding Pioli's fate, as former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes pointed out in a Monday interview on 610 Sports Radio's "The Danny Parkins Show" Kansas City, Mo.

Hughes, now an NFL analyst for Time Warner Cable Metro Sports, indicates the business side will factor in a decision to either outright fire Pioli or buy out his remaining contract.

MMQB - Tuesday from Sports Illustrated

A little more than a year ago, Rams owner Stan Kroenke read a book by Boston-based author Michael Holley that I've recommended highly, War Room. It's about the formation of modern pro football teams and front offices, and how Bill Belichick and two former Patriots personnel men, Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff, went about building the Patriots, Chiefs and Falcons. Kroenke liked the division-of-labor aspects of the book, and he also liked the fact that teams can best be formed with a strong titular head of an organization, that most often being a strong head coach.

Broncos Know That Teams That Finish Strong Still Have No Playoff Guarantees from The Denver Post

Broncos coach John Fox and quarterback Peyton Manning have been on both sides of the first-round bye business. When Manning was with the Indianapolis Colts, they lost their opening playoff game after earning the No. 1 seed and first-round bye in 1999, 2005 and 2007. But in 2003, the Colts went into Kansas City for a divisional-round playoff game and beat the No. 2-seeded, well-rested Chiefs.

Fiesta Win Or Not, '12 Was Snyder's Masterpiece from FS Kansas City

Is it his best, single-season coaching job, the apex of a glorious career? Let's just say this: It's awfully hard to make a compelling case the other way.

"He's had so many," says Kansas City Chiefs safety and K-State alum Tysyn Hartman. "He's had (a) Heisman Trophy finalist this year (quarterback Collin Klein). He's been ranked No. 1 in the country. It's definitely up there. He made the tradition years ago and now he's brought it back."

Making it? Tough. Maintaining it? Tougher still. Bringing it back? Good luck, pal.

Nobody 'Deserves' The Hall Of Fame from NBC Sports

Fair: Romeo Crennel was axed as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. If you are as good as your record says you are, then Crennel (2-14 in one full season) did a poor job, albeit under trying circumstances. No coach should have to face the tragedy that occurred involving Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. But beyond that, the Chiefs seemed like laughingstocks from the beginning of the season, and there wasn't a hint of improvement on the horizon.

Would Homgren, Jon Gruden Fit In AFC West from ESPN

I see the Chiefs as a better fit for Holmgren and the Chargers would be a better fit for Gruden.

I think the Chiefs are open to the idea of bringing in a high-profile coach. And the Chiefs are open to any new leadership structure with general manager Scott Pioli being evaluated and not guaranteed of being retained.

The issue with Holmgren is he is 64 and he has a history of not staying in a position for the long haul. The Chiefs may not be a quick fix with a question mark at quarterback and a young roster. They will need someone interested in putting down roots. I don't know if Holmgren is that guy.

'Black Monday' A Waste Of Time If Teams Don't Learn Right Lessons from

To be one of the league's truly successful teams, it's crucial to find answers at quarterback and coach. As much as teams try to find a play caller who can fix their offense, the true mark of success is getting the quarterback to play well and finding the right leader for the team. Additionally, teams must have the right infrastructure in place for developing the rest of the roster. Some might say that it's easy to win -- just find the right quarterback. But that's like telling someone it's easy to get rich -- just go win the lottery. The odds are not in your favor.

Chiefs' MVPs 2012: Jamaal Charles' Comeback Highlights Abysmal Season from CBS Sports

Finding MVPs on a 2-14 Chiefs' football team is not always easy; however, the players who did play well this season stood out because of how bad some of the others were. Here are the 2012 RapidReports MVPs for the Chiefs.

Offense -- RB Jamaal Charles: If it weren't for Charles, the Chiefs might not have won any games. He turned the momentum of the game against New Orleans with a 91-yard touchdown and finished with 233 rushing yards in Kansas City's first win. Charles finished with a career-high 1,509 rushing yards. Not only did he perform for a hopeless team, he put together a Pro Bowl season one year after tearing his ACL.

New Year Brings Good Tidings from ESPN Boston

Q. Hey Mike, it's great to see our beloved Patriots back in the playoffs with a bye. My question is with all the coaching vacancies have you heard if Eric Mangini's name has been thrown around. I really think he deserves another chance as a head coach. I think he'd be a good choice for Kansas City (Scott Pioli connection). -- Ed Monroe (San Antonio, Texas)

A. Ed, I haven't heard Mangini's name surface, although I agree with you that he'd be worthy of getting another chance. I think he is a good coach who also understands personnel. However, that's a move Kansas City would have trouble making, especially given the Chiefs just let go of a different former Patriots coach, and of course, there is the Pioli factor there. I don't think Mangini and Pioli are having too many dinners together since Spygate.

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