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2 seasons later, Thomas Jones won't discuss alleged fight with Jon Baldwin

Back in August 2011, Chiefs rookie Jon Baldwin suffered a hand injury, which kept him out for the rest of training camp and into the regular season. How, exactly, did he injure that hand? Reports at the time said it came in a locker room fight with Thomas Jones, who is no longer a Chief. But two years later, Jones still refuses to explain what happened on that August day.

Wesley Hitt

Thomas Jones recently announced that he would be donating his brain for CTE research, which is what prompted his spot with 610 Sports' The Big Show on Wednesday afternoon. Listen to the entire interview as Jones' words on that are compelling.

But what also caught my eye is when Jones was asked about what happened in August 2011 when it was reported that he and Baldwin got into a fight, resulting in Baldwin's hand injury.

"I don't live in the past," Jones said on 610 Sports. "I live in the present. For me to talk about something two years ago, unless it's relevant to now, it's a waste of time. I understand where you're coming from.

"Jonathan Baldwin is an amazing talent. He's a young player in the league. I was a young player in the league. I didn't start to blossom until my fifth or sixth year in the league once I really figured out what it was all about and I was able to go through some ups and downs. Jonathan Baldwin is going to have a great career. He's got all the physical tools."


"To talk about something from two years ago, honestly, that's not the type of person I am."

Will we ever get the inside scoop on what happened that day?

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