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Chiefs DC Bob Sutton talks about the future defense in Kansas City

Bob Sutton, the Kansas City Chiefs new defensive coordinator, spoke to the media this week and described what he envisions as the future of the Chiefs defense in the 3-4.


Sutton plans to keep the 3-4 defense and, though things are still in the planning stage, he sees the defense looking similar to what he did with the New York Jets.

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"Well, honestly, I think that the transition is going to be kind of similar to one that I went through when I was with the Jets," Sutton said. "We were in the exact same defense that they played here the last couple years under Romeo [Crennel], it's a great system of defense - the true 3-4 - and then when Rex [Ryan] came into the Jets, which has many similarities to this but it has a little bit more multiple and was different schematically how we line up.

"But a lot of principles to me stayed the same. The approach of how our up-front players attack blockers and that type of thing, I think the system, and again we're in the early stages of this - I'm not going to get tied to anything - but the way I envision it and in speaking to Coach [Andy] Reid when I came in here, we're trying to incorporate many of the things we did in New York. Again, it's got to be tailored a little bit to the personnel here.

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"But I think the transition will be good because it's 3-4 based but it has a little bit more multiple than what I had done in New York before or the same that Romeo had run here. It will be a great starting point, a great jumping off point because a lot of the players have the characteristics that we're looking for and we might just move it in a little bit different direction."

Interesting. Can't say I know exactly what that means but I'm excited to see it in action.

Only nine more months until meaningful games...

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