No QBs worthy of #1 pick?

We keep hearing people say this, but my question is, what player in this draft is?

Many mock drafts have us taking the LT Joekel, but do we REALLY think he would be a significant upgrade over Brandon Albert, who was a top 5 LT last year? If you pick Joekel and let Albert go in free agency rather than signing him, you've not helped the team at all. You've used the #1 overall pick just to maintain the status quo.

What else is there? There are no elite RBs or WRs. The only options left are a bunch of Defensive linemen. But are any of them even as good a prospect as Dorsey was when he came out? Or Ndomakong Suh? These are not elite D-line prospects either. Besides, how many more 1st round picks are we going to continue dumping into the D-line with no results? Had we spent three 1st round picks on QBs, chances are we would have found SOMEONE decent. At the very least, it could not have had less impact on the team than Dorsey, Jackson and Poe.

Maybe Geno Smith and the other QBs in this class are not once in a generation prospects like Andrew Luck, but there is no other pick we could possibly make that would have the potential to upgrade our team more than taking the best QB available perhaps the only time we will have this opportunity.

Do we really want to wait to pick up the 3rd or 4th best QB prospect of a down year in the 2nd round? Do we really want to gamble whether or not we will be in position to pick a "maybe" better prospect coming out next year? Remember before the 2012 season, Matt Barkley was considered a lock for #1 overall, now many mocks have him falling to the 2nd round. What is to say that won't happen to the prospects due out next year? Or that we won't end up picking 13th or 15th out of reach of the top QB prospects next year? Then what? Trade multiple 1st round picks to move up? How is that value better than just using the #1 overall to pick our chosen QB there?

Unless the Chiefs are convinced that Geno Smith and Matt Barklay are the new version of Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, they can't get tied up in this notion that there are slightly better players at other positions.

The Chiefs shouldn't be caught up in "Best Player Available", they should be looking for "Most Impactful Player Available". With the available players, that almost certainly MUST be a QB.

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