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John Dorsey reveals plans for Chiefs No. 1 pick in 2013 NFL Draft: 'Pick the best available player'

John Dorsey's been on the job for one day and he's already revealing the Kansas City Chiefs draft plans. Well, not really. Actually not at all. Dorsey was asked what he plans to do with the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and he said...

Justin K. Aller

"Pick the best available player."

Just so we're clear here ... this is the way 90 percent of the NFL's GMs answer the question of who they're going to draft. Almost everyone says their philosophy is to take the best player available. It's not unique to John Dorsey, to the Chiefs, the Packers or anyone else.

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What is unique is actually living that philosophy. Not getting caught up in the moment and legitimately taking the best player available. That doesn't happen all the time.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said one of his ideas, which he picked up from Ron Wolf, was that he wanted to draft a quarterback every year. The results speak for themselves -- four years, one quarterback drafted. Clark Hunt even publicly admitted on 810 WHB that the lack of quarterbacks Pioli drafted was disappointing (which is an unusual type of thing for him to say).

So there's talking about great philosophies. And then there's actually doing it. Both are key, especially the latter.

When pressed about the best player available model, Dorsey says, "I know of no other philosophy but that."

"We have been doing the same model and concept for the last 20 years," Dorsey said on Monday. "We have kind of refined that and tightened it up to where it is today. We started in 1992 and we've kind of tightened it up. Now we're in 2013, and it's a little bit tighter. Hopefully I'd like to implement that type of similar system here within the Kansas City Chiefs."

I'd like to implement the system that lands our very own Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers in Kansas City.

That'd be neat.

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