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Doug Pederson on Chiefs offense: 'It can be an explosive group'

The Chiefs new offensive coordinator has a big challenge in front of him: resurrect an offense that ranked last in the 2012 season.


It's very rare to hear the words "Chiefs offense" and "explosive" in the same sentence but the Chiefs new coordinator, Doug Pederson, did just that this afternoon in a conference call with the local media.

"I've studied [the Chiefs offense] last couple of days ever since coach Reid and I talked about coming in and I tell you what, it's talented a group. It can be an explosive group. There are some great weapons there on offense. Very similar to the circumstances we had in Philadelphia this past year."

By those circumstances, I assume he means an injured quarterback.

Hey, speaking of quarterback ... what about your next quarterback, Doug Pederson?

"I know what Matt Cassel has done in his past," Pederson said. "I know he was an 11-game winner in New England, he won 10 games for Kansas City in the AFC West. He's done some nice things."

[/Ignores the 2009, 2011 and 2012 seasons.]

"It's something we want to evaluate and study it hard this offseason," Pederson continued. "I want to look at that and see if the right guy is there on the roster. If we have to find someone to come in, we find someone to come in. But give our guys every chance to compete for that spot."

Based on his play over the last two seasons, that's probably not a competition Matt Cassel can win.

It's Game Time.

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