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Andy Reid talks Chiefs draft picks and picking good football players

The process is pretty easy to figure out, according to Chiefs coach Andy Reid. Good football players plus good coaches equals good things.


Andy Reid's first week as the KC Chiefs head coach included a few stops to talk with the media, both locally and nationally. Reid is asked a lot of the same questions and gave a lot of the same answers.

Usually that's boring.

Unless it's quarterback talk. Then ... well, then it becomes interesting. Earlier this week Reid talked about how "the most important thing is that it's the right pick."

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On Thursday, he said similar things when asked about the top pick.

"When you have the No. 1 pick and you're picking at the top of each round, and you possibly have a compensatory pick here or there, a high one, you gotta be smart with that and make sure you don't force picks," Reid said on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Thursday.

"Pick good football players. We all get into trouble when we start forcing things -- 'Oh I need a quarterback, oh I've gotta do this' -- and then all of a sudden you get it and go 'Oh, man'.

"So you don't do that. You go through, you evaluate it, and you try to stay true to your evaluation process and come up with good football palyers. That's what this team needs added to it. There's no secret. Good football players and good caoches, good things usually happen. That's how it works."

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