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Here's how Andy Reid answers the same question 5 different times

As a Kansas City Chiefs blogger, I've spent my week listening to Andy Reid talking to various media outlets about joining the team. Along the way, I noticed two things: 1.) for the most part, the same questions were asked in each interview and 2.) for the most part, Reid answered those questions the same way.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So, here's what I've got here: Andy Reid answering the same question -- Why did you pick the Chiefs? -- five different times. The man can stay on point. Enjoy.

Opening presser:

"When Clark called - I have been in this league a long time - and there are certain families that stand out. The Hunt family is just top; they are phenomenal, phenomenal people. When Clark is the CEO and Chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs, when he called, he immediately had my attention."

810 WHB

"There's some great families in the NFL. The Rooneys, the Maras and the Hunts. As a coach, you realize that. You understand the history involved. You understand the history of the Kansas City Chiefs. It's phenomenal. When Clark came calling, I listened."

PFT Live

"I've sat through all the owner/coach meetings and all that and I've looked around the rooms and I understand what the Kansas City Chiefs are all about. I've been in it long enough to figure that out. When Clark Hunt came calling, I listened. It seemed like the right thing to do."

Jim Rome

"You've been doing this a long time so you know there are only a handful of families who are old, old, old NFL families. The Hunts are one of those. They're so well respected. When they call, you listen."


"You've been around this league a long time and there are a handful of families that are just old, old NFL families. They've been there and done that for a long time. The Hunts are one of those families. I've always said if one of those families called, I'm gonna listen."

Add in ESPN's Mike & Mike to this list. I just got tired of transcribing.

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