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Andy Reid on Michael Vick: 'I love the kid'

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As Andy Reid joins the Chiefs and prepares to find his next quarterback, he spent a few minutes on Thursday reflecting on his old quarterback in Philadelphia.

Christian Petersen

With Andy Reid signing on as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, and the Chiefs needing a quarterback, one of the first questions that popped up is whether Michael Vick would be an option. Vick is obviously a polarizing figure so people have strong opinions about him.

You know who else has strong opinions about him? Andy Reid.

"Michael got hurt and then it allowed Nick [Foles] to play," Reid said on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Thursday. "That's why Nick had that opportunity. It wasn't because of Mike's play.

"He's still property of the Eagles so I really can't get into all that but I love the kid. That's the main thing. Football player aside, this kid changed his life around and got himself back on track and he's got that big heart and he's a very kind person. He's been through a whole lot of things and people have a hard time believing some of the things that took place, but he's a good person."

So does this mean Vick will be the Chiefs next quarterback?

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