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Andy Reid's Chiefs coaching staff could start taking shape soon

Andy Reid continues to build his Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff. Though we don't have any confirmed names yet, it's been reported Brad Childress is in Kansas City visiting with Reid.

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Expect some news on the KC Chiefs coaching staff fairly soon here. Andy Reid is making the media rounds and indicated on several shows yesterday (and this morning) that he started bringing in coaches for interviews on Wednesday.

"I've been sitting in these interviews for GMs and those son-of-a-guns last for like eight hours a pop so we've covered all the way from ground zero on that," Reid told ESPN's Mike & Mike.

"I just started bringing coaches in yesterday actually. I'm going through that process. I'm gonna hire some guys obviously. I interviewed the staff here -- there are some really good coaches on this staff -- but I'm also going to bring guys in and go through that process, too. So that's what I'm doing."

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So who is coming in? There are plenty of rumors out there regarding Reid's coordinators but the KC Star's Adam Teicher has this report with several key points:

Brad Childress is in Kansas City at the moment. But according to the KC Star he will not be serving as offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach. OK .... so what could he possibly do then? I'm not quite sure. There's always the "assistant head coach" or some other title they can give him if he's hired.

Reid has talked with Doug Pederson, his former quarterback and then later quarterbacks coach in Philly, per the Star. Pederson's name has been brought up plenty of times in the Chiefs coaching staff rumor mill. Reuben Frank of CSN Philly tweeted several days ago: "I hear good chance Doug Pederson will be Andy's offensive coordinator & Matt Nagy QBs coach. Matt was quality control in Philly, Doug QBs."

Pat Shurmur "doesn't appear" to be a Chiefs OC candidate, according to the Star report. That's going to disappoint all these people that had Shurmur pegged to be the Chiefs next OC. Read the list of people who reported Reid was likely to try and bring Shurmur with him. Shurmur was fired by the Browns this week.

Still no news on the defensive coordinator which, with the 3-4 vs 4-3 argument, is the one most are interested in.

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