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Arrowhead Pride's top 10 most-viewed posts in 2012

The year in Arrowhead Pride, with our top 10 most-trafficked posts.


1. Eric Winston: Fans cheering Matt Cassel's injury are 'sickening' (October 7)

You all know this one. I heard what Winston had to say about Chiefs fans in the locker room after the game and then quickly ran upstairs to transcribe the whole thing, knowing this would be a big deal (for at least a week).

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted this story out, which contributed to a lot of the attention. Oh, yeah, we landed on Outside The Lines after this, too (as the most handsome KC media member ... take that, Mellinger).

2. Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher dead after murder-suicide at Arrowhead Stadium (December 1)

This story appears on here a number of times, unfortunately. This link goes to our StoryStream, which includes complete coverage of that unforgettable day and all of the aftermath.

3. The case for Geno Smith: This is why the Chiefs will select him No. 1 overall (December 21)

This was posted by BJ Kissel just last week. Great feature with great visuals at a great time. It was great!

4. Arrowhead Stadium shooting: Facility on lockdown (December 1)

This was our very first story posted when we didn't know any details.

5. Man dies of 'heartbreaking disappointment caused by the Kansas City Chiefs football team' (November 18)

It's weird what gets a lot of traffic and what doesn't. This post was just something quick that I put up because it was unique. Twitter and Facebook kinda change the game on what gets viewed a lot and what doesn't.

6. 'Who knew Kansas City was in Missouri?' and other tweets from the HR derby (July 10)

Ha. I thought this one was pretty good myself. The KCK-KCMO thing always bugged me (yeah, I rep KCMO).

7. Dexter McCluster injury updates: here's what we know (September 23)

Anyone remember McCluster hurting his elbow in Week 3? It looked like it was going to be serious, even season-ending, but then he ended up being OK. A lot of people (read: fantasy football) cared about it at the time. This link is to our StoryStream on McCluster's injury.

8. Reports: Shooting at Arrowhead stadium is a murder-suicide; Chiefs player involved (December 1)

This is when we initially learned that a Chiefs player, who we would later learn was Jovan Belcher, was involved with the tragedy.

9. Dexter McCluster's ugly injury is the only downside to Chiefs' upset over Saints (September 23)

Our post with the actual video and picture -- warning: it's queasy to see -- of McCluster's elbow injury. Again, fantasy football people are crazy.

10. NFL playoff schedule is officially set (January 2)

This is the same post I'll be writing on Monday morning, after the playoff schedule is set.

The next five:

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