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Meet Me On Gameday For Your Free Posterized Print


{This BBQ piece is one of my entries into the Hunt family call for artists. One of my favorite pieces of midwestern culture. To see all the juicy details in full-screen, head on over to my FB page}

Hello everyone! Happy Red Friday!

I'm pretty pumped up for this season as I'm sure that many of you are. I was even able to snag some tickets and an invite to a big tailgating party before the game. Should be fun!

I'm also bringing with me about 200 prints to give away before the game to give away...for free!

I have absolutely no idea how long it will take to get rid of these. I've already seen a significant amount of interest from the few people I've told, however. So my best advice is to come early if you have your heart set on one!

I'll be set up in Lot A near the median between the two stadiums, on the Kauffman side (Easy map with my location). I'm hoping to get there as early as possible (between 8-9 depending on traffic) and I'll probably try and shut it down around 11 so I have plenty of time to get into the stadium and soak in the opening day vibe.

On gameday, feel free to post on my Facebook page, or tweet @ me on Twitter using the hashtag #PosterizedAP if you are having trouble finding me or have questions. Joel will be stopping by for a little bit as well.

The prints that I will have to give away are: The BBQ piece above, Charles / Hillis, Lewis / Tebow fumble, and Crennel's Gatorade bath.

Everyone have a great day. I hope to meet and give some of you free prints on Sunday! Go Chiefs!

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