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New Arrowhead Pride Logo Is Here


The new Arrowhead Pride logo is here.

Or it will be soon, at least. I've got this sneak peek for you. Looks pretty slick, if you ask me.

The new logo is part of a larger change Arrowhead Pride and SB Nation blogs will be going through in the coming months. We're calling it SB Nation United which, as you can see in the logo, is meant to unite SB Nation blogs. Basically, we want everyone to know that all these great blogs are part of one network.

Soon I'll have more details on SB Nation United -- yes, the look of the site will be changing -- and when you can expect to see some of this new stuff.

Check out all the new SB Nation logos here. The KC one is pretty sweet with the fountains.

So tell us what you think about the new logo. Our last one set the bar pretty low.

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