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Romeo Crennel Seeks The Chiefs' Own Kevin Ogletree

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In last night's season opener, Dallas Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree came out of nowhere with 114 receiving yards and two touchdowns. We can use Ogletree to make a connection back to the KC Chiefs who could be working with a number of backups on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Romeo Crennel was asked about his concern over the injuries and he brought up Ogletree's play from last night.

"Hey look, I've got what I've got and we're going to go to battle with who we have, and that's the way you have to do it in this business," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs.

"I think if you saw the game last night - we talked about backups stepping up - and I think there's that receiver who ended up fighting to get on the team and he was active because he was like the third receiver and fighting for that spot and he came through and helped his team win.

"That's what backups have to do; they have to be ready to go when they get the opportunity and be able to step up and help their team win. Whoever we put out there, that's what I expect from him."

So, who will the Chiefs' Kevin Ogletree be on Sunday?

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