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Chiefs' Red Friday Prep Has Begun

Photo via @JoeMcBrideKC

Red Friday is oh-so-close. We're less than a day away from pulling out the KC Chiefs shirt and wearing it to work. Even if you're supposed to be in a shirt and tie, I give you permission to wear a Chiefs shirt anyway. Tell your boss to come talk to me if they have a problem.

The photo above is the KC Chiefs logo getting painted on out at the airport. There will be two separate places at KCI where the logo will appear in addition to a spot at the Liberty Memorial and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

The following buildings will light up with Chiefs colors on Friday night: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Overland Park Convention Center Tower, Union Station, Kansas City Power and Light Building (Downtown), Giralda Tower on the Plaza, Independence Events Center will promote Red Friday on its digital display and Kansas City International Airport will promote Red Friday on its digital displays.

Your goal, Arrowhead Pride readers, is to send us photos of all those logos. I can handle the Nelson-Atkins one because that's near my house. Who's going to help find the rest?

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