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Tony Gonzalez On Arrowhead: 'Be Prepared For The Noise'

Tony Gonzalez is coming back to town and it's going to be a strange sight out there to see No. 88 running out of the visitors tunnel. TG spoke to the KC media today and was asked what he was telling his Falcons teammates about playing at Arrowhead.

"That's what I told them, be prepared," Gonzalez said. "You're going to hear the coolest National Anthem you've ever heard at the end of it when instead of yelling ‘home of the brave' they yell ‘home of the Chiefs.' After every first down they yell ‘that's another Chiefs first down' and the whole crowd yells it and they're going to be crazy."

Some of the best parts of Arrowhead.

"When I was there they were pretty going crazy but I had heard that maybe it's kind of fallen off a little bit, but I would expect opening day, and I told these guys they're not going to get a louder outdoor stadium than this Chiefs stadium. So just be prepared to handle the noise and handle the environment and go in there and just do your job and good things will happen."

It does seem like Arrowhead has seen a drop, maybe in just the last few years. I'm not saying it's an easy stadium to come into and play in. It's not. Arrowhead is still among the elite stadium experiences in the NFL. But there is a difference in the home record and the atmosphere from the prime years of the mid-90s to what we see today.

That I noted on 610 Sports with Danny Parkins today, there is still no better experience in the NFL than a night game at Arrowhead.

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