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Last Chance To Beat Arrowhead Pride Readers In Pick 6

Or, in the case of Chris, to lose to other Arrowhead Pride readers...

As explained earlier in the week, we have a new game called Pick 6 for everyone to play. Pick six football players each week and the winner is whoever racks up the most fantasy points on their team. Takes about 5 minutes of time but can result in hours upon hours of trash talk...if you win.

The deadline to sign up is before the start of tonight's game (which is at 7:30 p.m. Arrowhead Time, by the way).

It's organized by SB Nation blog so you can see how all the Arrowhead Pride readers are doing. Looks like a ton of you have signed up already -- I already quit scrolling through to count them all -- so for that we thank you. It should be a pretty cool and easy game to keep you distracted from work efficient at your day job.

So give it a shot if you haven't picked your six players yet. It's very easy to do.

Click here to try it out or the fancy graphic below.

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