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Chiefs First Injury Report For Falcons Week Coming Soon

For the first time this year the Kansas City Chiefs will be releasing an injury report. Romeo Crennel has been surprisingly open about the Chiefs on the injury front so the injury reports don't mean quite as much as they did under Todd Haley who did not discuss any injuries.

They'll be released the report sometime today, which is actually a participation report. The Chiefs will list the injured players as having participated in a full or limited practice, or not practicing at all.

Crennel said a few of the injured players would "try to do more" today. That includes Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, Cyrus Gray and Jalil Brown. I'm interpreting that as a limited practice but we'll find out for sure later today.

Crennel said at least two players would not practice -- Anthony Toribio and Allen Bailey. Both were hurt in the preseason finale.

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