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Chiefs Salary Cap Space, Part 2

We posted some of the KC Chiefs salary cap numbers from a Pro Football Talk report the other day and shortly thereafter we heard some rumblings that there were disagreements on the numbers.

I thought to myself: How could someone disagree with the salary cap, which is presumably done via a mathematical formula?

If anyone can argue math, it's the NFLPA and NFL. The NFLPA and the NFL disagree on everything so of course they differ in salary cap numbers.

Pro Football Talk had the NFLPA's version of the salary cap yesterday, which put the Chiefs at $26.6 million in salary cap space, the second highest in the league.

They now have the NFL's version of those numbers, which put the Chiefs at $16.3 million, which is good for seventh in the league.

The Chiefs' number was the biggest gap between the two numbers, over $10 million.

The Chiefs can use some of that space extending players, such as Brandon Albert, or they can sign other players that become available throughout the season. Or they can not spend it.

So which one is accurate? Depends on who you ask, I guess.

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