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KC Chiefs Scouts Already Doing Work

With the amount of NFL coverage on the gazillion different media outlets every day, it's hard to imagine that there's an area of the team that's rarely covered, so rarely talked about.

But there is -- the scouts.

KC Chiefs scouts are never in the media. We never say, 'This scout did a great job!' because we don't know who they are. One of them could be my next door neighbor and I wouldn't know. (Though with their attention to detail my money's on the guy across the street with the perfect lawn.)

They might be the most under appreciated members of a football team.

What made me think of this was a blurb from the Omaha World-Herald a couple weeks back. Check this out:

On Monday, a high school guidance counselor in Southern California received an email from a Kansas City Chiefs scout.

The subject: Daimion Stafford.

Kristine McCollough has advised teenagers for seven years at Norco High. It's her passion, especially helping football players get to college. Dozens of Norco graduates have earned scholarships. A few made the NFL.

But never had McCollough received a message like this.

Yes, that was a Chiefs scout making the call.

The college football season is gearing -- or already has geared up, actually -- so KC Chiefs scouts will be out and about checking out various games, meeting with players, coaches and, apparently, high school guidance counselors.

We'll track where some scouts are at each week and which teams they're following. But that's about all the information we'll have on them. They do so much work with the team that we never know about. Michael Holley is not writing a book based on them. They will not be on SportsCenter. NFL Network is not putting their "Team Cam" on a scout.

Just found it interesting that there's a department on the team that we really have little knowledge of.

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