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This Jamaal Charles TD run will be replayed for a long time

This run by Jamaal Charles is one of the best reverse-the-field touchdowns I've ever seen.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jamaal Charles had a run in the second quarter that you will be seeing on replays for a long, long time.

Watch Charles score the Chiefs first touchdown of the day against the Chargers:


So many things to talk about with this 37-yard touchdown run. I could watch this all day.

First, Charles is so, so fast. The reverse-the-field thing rarely works out but my goodness it worked out well here.

Second, look at the backside blocking. Things opened up for Charles on the back end and the only way that happens is if you have someone as fast as Charles. You can't hold a block forever. And look how the right side of the line -- where Charles was originally headed -- was completely stonewalled.

Third, Cassel's attempt at a block is extremely funny.

Fourth, this guy is so awesome.

Yes, he fumbled a couple times today but Charles is the type of player where as soon as you start to doubt him he comes back and totally redeems himself.

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