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Chargers vs. Chiefs: San Diego has a new kicker, short on corners

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The Chargers will be breaking in a new kicker on Sunday and they only have three healthy cornerbacks for the Chiefs game.

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The San Diego Chargers will be going through a couple of notable roster changes when they face the Kansas City Chiefs today.

First, the Chargers will be without kicker Nate Kaeding, who is hurt. He didn't make the trip to Kansas City and the Chargers signed Nick Novak -- remember him? -- in his place. Remember this if/when the Chargers need to make a key field goal during the game.

Second, the Chargers are down to only three healthy cornerbacks for today's game -- starters Quinten Jammer, Antoine Cason and backup Marcus Gilchrist. The fourth cornerback, Shareece Wright, is out this game. Norv Turner apparently has a plan if one of those guys goes down and they need to play with only two cornerbacks.

The cornerback news is notable but it shouldn't change the Chiefs game plan. They should still have a heavy focus on the run game. Just because the Chargers aren't deep at corner right now doesn't mean KC should all of a sudden become a pass-happy team.

Stick to the run game until San Diego forces you to stop.