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Here's who thinks the Chiefs will beat the Chargers

The Chargers beating the Chiefs is a popular pick according to several media outlets.

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It's about that time. We're only a few hours away from the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers Week 4 game so if you haven't made your official pick go ahead and do so. If you get it right, you'll need the proof.

We've got a few more NFL picks to sort through before today's game.

First up is John Gennaro, editor of Bolts From The Blue, who is staying true to San Diego and picking the Chargers to win.

I think the Chargers win. I think that, after last week, lots of people are undervaluing the Chargers and overvaluing the Chiefs. The Chargers looked really good, legitimately good, in their first two games. The third one seemed like one where one mistake turned into another mistake and it snowballed from there. I don't imagine that happening again, but Arrowhead can be crazy. The Chiefs still seem like a team that is struggling with its identity, and the Chargers have typically played well against Matt Cassel.

And here's what I wrote at for the game:

It's OK to be a homer as long as you're up front about it, right? My Chiefs won a huge game last weekend against the Saints while the Chargers are trying to hang onto first place. This game is at Arrowhead and weird things tend to happen to the Chargers at Arrowhead, at least the last two years. I can't help my homerism. The Chiefs will earn a share of first place in the AFC West.

Another one: Kalophoenix's picks.

And the big media outlets. Click on the link for their complete picks.




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