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Kansas City Chiefs: Injury News and a Roster Move

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Well, the Labor Day holiday isn't stopping the Kansas City Chiefs from making news.

We have two items so far today, and we'll start with the one that will have the biggest impact on this Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Multiple sources have reported that Derrick Johnson, Kendrick Lewis, Anthony Toribio, and Allen Baily would not be practicing in practice today. While the DJ news can be concerning, Kansas City Star reporter Adam Teicher points out that because of an extra day of practice this week, Johnson still has time.

The best news regarding who was in or out of practice was the fact that Brandon Flowers would participate. Once again according to Mr. Teicher, Flowers looked like he was moving well during the portion of practice he was able to observe.

The Flowers update is big. A lot of fans and media have expressed serious concern over the secondary during the preseason and the return of the Chief's best cornerback would do much to lessen those fears.

The second bit of Chiefs news that has come out today is the release of Junior Hemmingway, the wide receiver selected in this year's seventh round of the NFL draft. Hemmingway was on the practice squad. The move came to clear a spot for offensive lineman Rich Ranglin.

This is a move that isn't overly surprising when you look at the roster and count people at the WR and OL positions. The team definitely felt light at OL. What is surprising is a draft pick (though a 7th rounder) didn't make the roster/practice squad.

So Chiefs fans, what are your thoughts on the DJ/Flowers news?

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