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Chiefs turned Chargers: Jackie Battle, Jared Gaither, Le'Ron McClain

Jackie Battle, Jared Gaither and Le'Ron McClain were all on the Chiefs at some point last year and moved to San Diego in the offseason.

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The San Diego Chargers have a handful of former Kansas City Chiefs players on their roster, including three from the 2011 roster alone -- Jackie Battle, Jared Gaither and Le'Ron McClain. Battle was with the Chiefs from 2007 through last season. Gaither spent a whopping 10 games in Kansas City. McClain signed with the Chiefs last offseason.

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John Gennaro of Bolts From The Blue gave us a run down of those former Chiefs and the reports on each player range from very good to OK to very bad.

Before we get started with what John said, I'd like to point out how annoying it is that I can't use this picture anymore, because Battle is no longer a Chief. It's one of my favorites.

OK, onto the former Chiefs scouting report from John. Please hold your LOLs on Gaither until the end.

Jackie Battle

"Battle has been a blessing. He signed on with the team late into training camp, but earned his spot with great Special Teams plays. He was much-needed in the Titans game and was one of the very few Chargers that played well against the Falcons. He's quickly becoming a favorite for the fans and the coaches."

Jared Gaither

"Gaither has been a nightmare. Since signing his mega-contract, he's practiced once and spent the rest of the time swearing that he has back spasms even though none of the (several) doctors he's seen can prove it. The team is fed up with him and is looking at their options if he doesn't return in the next couple of weeks. Despite the fact that he (finally) got some limited practice in on Wednesday, this could still get real ugly real fast."

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Le'Ron McClain

"McClain has been (seemingly) good in the locker room, but that's about it thus far. His blocking stills leave a lot to be desired, he's not much of a receiver and his running skills are limited. He was lauded as the next Lorenzo Neal by many fans after being signed, but he's been a far cry from that."

One name I forgot to ask him about was Demorrio Williams but Romeo Crennel addressed Williams' familiarity with the defense earlier in the week.

"Demorrio knows the defense," Crennel said. "He knows how we've tried to play and basically what techniques we're going to use. He probably knows the adjustments we're going to make, so he can probably tell them all of those things. Then it's just a matter of the matchups as you say and who can do it better."

Matchups and scouting reports only get you so far. At some point you have to go out there and be better than the guy you're matched up with. Not to quote Herm Edwards buuuut I remember Herm saying "You have to win!" one-on-one in an episode of Hard Knocks. That's really what it comes down to, not that matchups and scouting reports don't make that easier.

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