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Chargers vs. Chiefs: Eddie Royal end-arounds and the new Luis Castillo

Let's get to know the Chargers with John Gennaro from Bolts From The Blue.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

We're a mere 24 hours from the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium and we're still getting to know those Chargers. John Gennaro from SB Nation's Bolts From The Blue is here to help us with this.

I asked John to tell me something about the Chargers offense that's I didn't know, and the same thing with the defense.

Bolts From The Blue: Why the Chargers will lose | Why they'll win

Offense: Norv Turner has completely fallen in love with the end-around play with Eddie Royal. I think he keeps expecting it to hit for a HUGE play. He's called it three times in three games, but he's yet to get more than 11 yards off of it.

A very Norv Turner situation the Chargers fans are facing.

Defense: "Kendall Reyes is a guy that will be feared by teams by the end of the season, but isn't even starting yet. He's the new Luis Castillo, a big and agile defensive end that can somehow rush the passer and stops the run as well."

Imagine that. A defensive end that stops the run and rushes the passer.

I remember keeping an eye on Reyes in the NFL draft. He was a second round pick by San Diego.

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