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Casey Wiegmann visits the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs had an old visitor this week: Casey Wiegmann.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Like every other NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs report their workouts to the league office and those usually (eventually) get leaked to the media by someone. Earlier this week, that happened with the KC Chiefs and a visitor they had: Casey Wiegmann.

Interesting timing for Wiegmann to make a visit considering Rodney Hudson is out for the year.

Romeo Crennel, though, didn't sound as if there was much to it.

"He came by to say hi," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "He wanted to check on me. He heard that I was down in the dumps and he wanted to lift my spirits a little bit (laughing). So he came by to say hi.

"With our situation, we have to investigate everything, so we did talk to him about how he was doing. He talked to us abouthow we were doing and that's where we left it."

That situation is Hudson being out for the year and Lilja, who has been limited this week, set to replace him.

It doesn't sound like Wiegmann is going to sign with the Chiefs. I saw him out at Chiefs training camp earlier this summer and he looked much thinner.

For now, it looks like the Chiefs will roll with Lilja.

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