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Chiefs need a win to hold onto all-time series lead over Chargers

The Chiefs are 52-51-1 all-time against the Chargers. Sunday's game means KC needs a win to stay in the series lead.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

When the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers meet on Sunday, it will be the 105th time they do so. Only one opponent -- the Oakland Raiders -- have the Chiefs faced more than the Chargers in their history.

Sunday's game at Arrowhead is a big one for the overall tally between these two teams. The Chiefs hold an all-time 52-51-1 lead over the Chargers in the series.

All you need to know about Chargers-Chiefs

San Diego has been winning more lately -- seven of the last nine -- but both of the Chiefs wins in that stretch have some at Arrowhead, each in the last two years. In the last 10 games at Arrowhead, KC has won six of them. Overall, they're 23-17 at Arrowhead against the Chargers.

The last few years have been some of the most exciting Chiefs-Chargers game in recent memory.

In 2010, the Chiefs opened the season on Monday night against the Chargers. Dexter McCluster's punt return touchdown in his first NFL game and a key fourth down stop late in the game helped the Chiefs up-end the Chargers in that game.

This photo will never, ever get old:


In 2011, the Chiefs started the season 0-2 and had a shot to beat the Chargers in San Diego in Week 3. Unfortunately, Matt Cassel threw a pick on a screen pass that essentially ended the game.

Later in 2011, we had The Phumble. No sense recapping that -- everyone remembers it.

So this is a big game for the Chiefs. They can't go down in the all-time series to the Chargers because... they're the Chargers.

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