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Jamaal Charles, Chiefs defense and depth highlight Week 3

Your 3 reasons to celebrate as a Chiefs fan: Jamaal Charles, the defense and depth.

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As we close the book on the Kansas City Chiefs upset over the New Orleans Saints, we need to take a step back and figure out what we learned in Week 3. Anytime you win, there are going to be good things to come out of the game and that's the case with the Chiefs in the Saints game.

it's only one game so we're still in the "I think this is who the Chiefs are" phase of things but here are three reasons why I'm happy with the Chiefs as we leave Week 3.

Latest news: Hudson's done | Charles is POTW | McCluster's injury not serious | Hillis misses practice

1. The Chiefs have depth

Yes, depth. Heard of it?

Last year's issues have been discussed ad nauseum but depth was the big issue. The Chiefs had injuries in all the wrong positions and they suffered for it.

This year, though, the Chiefs had Rodney Hudson go down and they were able to survive without him. Peyton Hillis was hurt but there was Jamaal Charles. Dexter McCluster was hurt but Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin are there. So is Devon Wylie, eventually.

The Saints game showed me that the Chiefs had depth. Not idea -- we'll see how Ryan Lilja does against the Ravens defensive line -- but it's not the shitshow that was 2011.

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2. Jamaal is back and ohmygodiloveyoujamaal

He's great, isn't he?

That about sums it up, no?


3. The Chiefs defense lives

Saving perhaps the most important one for the end.

The Chiefs defense is indeed alive, despite what you may have thought from the first two weeks. Giving up 24 points isn't anything to brag about but holding an offense like the Saints to no points in their final six possessions when they needed it the most is very, very important.

The Chiefs don't come back if they don't stop the Saints in the second half. It's an overlooked -- that's because of you, Jamaal -- but very important takeaway from this game.

I made the argument last week -- after the Chiefs were dead last in defense through two games -- that the real Chiefs defense is the on that finished 11th in 2010 and 12th in 2011. 32 games is a better sample size than two games.

The real Chiefs defense is still alive. They're not the same unit that showed up in Week 1 and 2....sorta like they weren't the same unit that showed up in Week 1 and 2 last year.

A big part of the success was because of this guy:

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