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Chiefs' games haven't been close enough for replacement refs to matter

Romeo Crennel says the Chiefs haven't been close enough in games for the replacement refs to matter. Luckily, that will be ending soon.

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The media has a job to do and often that job is to go in and ask a head coach about certain league-wide issues, like replacement referees. That was one of the topics in Romeo Crennel's media session on Wednesday and on three occasions reporters asked him about the replacement refs.

Some coaches and players have popped off about the replacement refs, especially in light of the Packers-Seahawks game. Others, like Crennel, have remained steadfast in their refusal to say anything noteworthy about them.

Crennel didn't want to be in the headlines when he was asked about replacement refs on Wednesday. He took the PC way out.

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1. Are you paying any attention to the fire storm with the replacement refs?

CRENNEL: "Not a whole lot because, like you said, the energy is on the Chargers. We're trying to see what we can do there. I don't know what a tweet is to tell you the truth. Any energy that I spend on that, that's less than I'm spending on Chargers, so I've been putting it to the Chargers."

2. Do you change your game plan at all according to what the refs have been calling?

CRENNEL: "No. We've been so far behind that there really haven't been a whole lot of calls against us, so maybe if we can get a little bit better there might be some close calls that we have to investigate."

3. Have you seen a significant drop off from the replacement refs at all?

CRENNEL: "We haven't been close enough. They haven't had to make any calls, so until we can start playing better and they have to start making some calls, then I'll be able to answer that."

Transcript via the Chiefs

The Chiefs were close enough last week for five -- five! -- call reversals.

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