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Rodney Hudson injury: what Romeo Crennel said

Lots of questions on Rodney Hudson's season-ending injury for the Kansas City chiefs so here's the transcript of the Hudson-related questions from Romeo Crennel's meeting with the media on Wednesday.

Q: Does Ryan Lilja enter the week as your starting center now?

CRENNEL: "Yes, and [Jeff] Allen is the starting guard."

Q: Does either Hudson or Reeves have a recall designation?

CRENNEL: "With Jacques, there's a possibility depending on what they choose to do. You've got five days to reach an injury settlement, and if there's not an injury settlement with Reeves, then he's on IR and he remains on IR. Hudson will remain on IR right now because the way it looks, it's going to be several weeks with him."

Q: So there's not a tear there? Not an ACL or anything like that?

CRENNEL: "There's a broken bone, but it doesn't require surgery and he's got to be off of it for several weeks and then several weeks on crutches, so it's going to be most of the season. It's going to be most of the season, so that's why he's not going to be able to come back."

Q: So the new rule about putting a guy on IR and them coming back later in the season, that doesn't apply to Rodney?

CRENNEL: "It could, but by the time he gets back, the season's going to be over. So I don't know that we'd want to use that on him."

Q: Is it a broken bone in his leg?


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