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The best Kansas City Chiefs game since...


That was the best Kansas City Chiefs game since...The surprising upset over the then-undefeated Green Bay Packers? The Phumble: Philip Rivers' Monday Night Football fumble? Or the 2010 Week 1 opening win over the San Diego Chargers?

Wow. That's a tough slate of games to pick from.

I'm going to go with The Phumble. From a sheer "No way this actually happens" standpoint, that's the game that best compares to what we saw yesterday with the Chiefs beating the New Orleans Saints.

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The Packers game was huuuuge. They were undefeated and it kept the Chiefs season alive. I'll always associate that one with Kyle Orton and Romeo Crennel.

The 2010 Week 1 Monday nighter was the ushering in of a new era. That lands on my top five all time games ever list. I loved everything about it from the Dexter McCluster punt return to the fourth down stop to end the game.

But for me this is the best since The Phumble. I compare these games because the feeling of "The Chiefs will never win this one" was there for both games. KC was down 18 points yesterday. The only other game I was more sure they'd lose was The Phumble game when Rivers inexplicably fumbled away the ball when the Chargers were simply running out the clock to win. And it came on Monday Night Football. And Halloween. So awesome.

That's my pick. What's yours?

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