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Jamaal Charles Matches Saints Offense By Himself

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As a Kansas City Chiefs fan is there anything better than knowing you have a guy on your team who can carry you when you need it? That's what Jamaal Charles did today with a whopping 33 carries for 233 rushing yards and a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints. Oh, and he tacked on 55 receiving yards to make it 288 total yards.

288 total yards from one player. That's a hell of a player.

Let's put it this way: The Saints as a team finished with 288 net yards.

So the Saints offense everyone raves about? Yeah they equal one No. 25.

Despite the ACL tear last year, there are times you look at him, like the 91-yard touchdown run, and you remember the old Charles.


He's as back as the Chiefs need him to be.

It's not just the big 40 and 91-yard runs. It's so much more than that. The big runs get him a lot of attention but on every play he adds a couple yards by being shifty, by being stronger than the opponent realizes and by finding whatever hole there is and diving forward. A 2-yard run by one player is a 5-yard run by Charles. He's so good on each play, something KC Chiefs fans appreciate.

He's a true weapon and the Chiefs goal every single game should be to get in a position where they can run Charles at will. Every game, that should be the goal. The guy is so good and I'm so glad he's a Chief.

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