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Stunning Chiefs! KC Beats Saints In The Superdome, 27-24

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The Kansas City Chiefs have shocked the world, taking down the New Orleans Saints in overtime, 27-24. The game featured Jamaal Charles going absolutely crazy with 233 rushing yards, including a 91-yard touchdown run, the referees blowing a number of calls and having five of them reversed via review, an 18-point deficit for the Chiefs at one point and plenty of others ups and downs but the point is this: The Chiefs went into New Orleans and won this game.

Even I picked against the Chiefs this week! That tells you how unexpected this all comes.

I am so happy right now. You should be too.

Your recap, which you should read with a smile, is below:

The Saints offense started pretty much how we thought they would -- extremely fast. Darren Sproles had a 47-yard run, Drew Brees completed 3-of-4 passes and the Saints scored the first touchdown in under three minutes.

It's just so efficient:


The Chiefs offense responded in their opening drive but only with a field goal on a 14-play, 82-yard drive. The offense looked very strong completing 5-of-6 passes for 47 yards, including a near-touchdown catch from Matt Cassel to Jon Baldwin, and six rushes for 30 yards. Jamaal Charles had five carries and Peyton Hillis had one. The Chiefs can hang in this game if the running game is working like that. The only problem....

...You need six, not three, against the Saints.


The Saints second offensive drive was efficient as well highlighted by a 36-yard pass to Devery Henderson. Luckily for KC, though, the Chiefs defense was able to hold New Orleans to a field goal. The Saints lead the Chiefs, 10-3.

The Chiefs second possession is a disappointment. Cassel throws into double coverage on third down resulting in an incomplete pass and KC punted it back to New Orleans.

Defensive play of the game so far for the Chiefs: DJ with a big sack on 2nd and 9 which forced a 3rd and 19. He came right through the gap and sacked Brees. That was a big time defensive play, essentially forcing the first Saints punt of the game.

Tough to swallow: KC faced a 2nd and 19 and Cassel hit Charles for a 14-yard gain, making it a manageable 3rd and 5. Cassel found Dwayne Bowe down the field on the following play but the Saints defensive back was able to get his hands in there and break up the pass. The Chiefs punted it away.

Greg Gumbel: "The Saints fans have to lead the NFL in outfits," as the TV broadcast showed a bunch of Saints fans dressed up as Popes."

24-yard punt return from Javier Arenas allowed the Chiefs to start in Saints territory. So, the last 20-plus yard return from Arenas? Anyone? Anyone?

Cassel's passes are floating but he completed two key passes to Bowe as the Chiefs move into field goal range. Ryan Succop's 45-yard field goal was good making it 10-6 Saints.

Eric Berry thought he had a sack when he came in and started to bring Brees down by the legs on a blitz. Berry even stood up after the play as if he got the sack. But...Brees was able to shovel pass it forward, making a first down. So hard to stop New Orleans.

Game changing play: Drew Brees found Pierre Thomas for a touchdown but Thomas bobbled the catch. The referees reviewed the play and ruled, somewhat surprisingly, that it was not a catch. On the next play, Justin Houston sacked Brees. That was a huge play. Huge.


We call that a coverage sack.

Game changing play, part two: Saints kicker Garrett Hartley missed the following field goal. Wow. KC with the biggest break of the game.

Derrick Johnson was limping off the field. There were only 52 seconds remaining in the half so it may not be a big thing.


First play of the second half: Dexter McCluster catches a ball and falls on his elbow -- a nasty looking elbow injury, almost as if it was hyper-extended. He dropped the ball after making the play, the Saints picked it up and took it back. McCluster left the field with the injury.

The refs reviewed the play and A.) confirmed it was a fumble by McCluster but B.) the Saints did not advance it. What a blow to the Chiefs.

Back to the McCluster injury. It was ugly:



Two plays later, we have another referee review. Lance Moore caught a pass from Brees near the pylon of the end zone and he got one foot in and then his second foot hit the pylon first and then stepped out of bounds. The review stated that Moore did NOT get his second foot in bounds. I think they got it wrong but I'll take it!

The review ends up not mattering. The Saints scored on the next play with a Brees to Jimmy Graham touchdown. New Orleans leads, 17-6.

Down goes Rodney Hudson. The Chiefs center went to the ground and was in pain. There is no true backup center on the roster but Ryan Lilja moved to center and rookie Jeff Allen stepped in at left guard.

This is the type of game where every time the Chiefs force a punt it feels like a huge win.

Matt Cassel was picked off midway through the third quarter. This feels like a turnover that ends the game. The Saints take the ball over inside the Chiefs' 10-yard line.

Two plays later, Drew Brees puts the Saints up 24-6. Ugh.

JAMAAL CHARLES IS GOOOOONE!!! 91 yards to the house on the first play after the Saints touchdown. Saints lead 24-13.


Wow, the Chiefs needed that Charles run.

Charles' 91-yard touchdown run: longest run of the season, first touchdown of the season and a new franchise record for longest run.

Jamaal being Jamaal on a 40-yard run, putting the Chiefs in Saints territory. When you need him the most, he's there.


Ryan Succop boots one through to get it closer. Saints lead, 24-16.

The Chiefs march on down the field and again boot a field goal. Saints lead is cut to 24-19.

The Chiefs defense comes up with another HUGE play as Justin Houston sacked Drew Brees -- his third of the day -- for a safety. The score is now 24-21 in favor of the Saints. AND the Chiefs get the ball back.

That's 15 unanswered for the Chiefs.

Matt Cassel's had his struggles, but give him credit on a 3rd and 10 in the fourth quarter. He was faced with pressure and scrambled, running around to avoid the pressure and flings it in the air to Baldwin -- first down! This was one of the biggest plays of the game.

Big play alert: Chiefs went for it on 4th and 5 with 2:26 remaining in the game -- and got it. Cassel hit Bowe who fell over the line for the first down. Chiefs are still alive.



The Chiefs pick up a first down but their drive stalls when Roman Harper comes up with a perfect pass breakup on Steve Breaston on a third down. That was the Chiefs first overtime possession.

The refs had an awful call in overtime. Or an awful non-call. The refs did not rule Shaun Draughn down on an obvious non-fumble. They let the Saints pick it up and return it until they reviewed the call and gave the ball back to the Chiefs. The call wasn't even close.

The Chiefs convert the 4th and 1 on the following play and hang onto the ball. KC then starts running with Charles and Shaun Draughn to get into field goal range.

Ryan Succop, you are the man. Ball game baby!


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