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Chiefs Vs. Saints: 5 Questions With The Enemy


We are just over two hours until the KC Chiefs play the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Earlier in the week I shared a few thoughts from out Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, and now I want to share all those thoughts. We did five questions with Canal Street Chronicles to prepare for the game.

Our full Q&A is below:

1. Tell me something about the Saints offense I don't know.

Probably the most obvious thing is that you don't know what you are going to get on Sunday. The Chiefs don't know if they are facing a poor Saints team or a good Saints team that is struggling. In fact, no one knows. We as fans are hopeful that the Saints can plug the holes and build on the 0-2 start that they have posted to start out the year, but I don't think anyone will know what the Saints "true" identity will be until we get closer to week 5 - 6.

2. Tell me something about the Saints defense I don't know.

That it isn't as bad as it looks. We haven't looked well in the two games played, but I think that has a lot to do with the defense learning the new scheme and the absence of some of our starters.

3. The bounty stuff -- legit or BS from the NFL?

Both. You have to split that phrase up. "Bounty" is BS, but the "stuff" is legit. What does that mean, right? Well I don't believe that there has ever been a "Bounty", in fact the phrase alone is played out and inappropriate for the situation. Now the "stuff", sure there was a pay for performance system in place. I don't think any player was a part of a pay to injure scheme.

4. I had my bachelor party in New Orleans. Is every weekend the greatest party ever in New Orleans?

It can be my friend....It can be... If you have a few bucks and a party attitude, well it's game on!

5. Tell my why the Saints will win/lose and a prediction on the game.

The Saints win. 35-21

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