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Body Language Experts Take A Look At Chiefs' Matt Cassel

Photo Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE
Photo Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE
Does body language matter in sports?

That's debatable but Sean Keeler of FOX Sports Kansas City takes a very interesting look at KC Chiefs QB Matt Cassel with the help of a couple of body language experts.

Take a minute to read Sean's story here, looking into Cassel's "pursed lips" after the game and things like his hands on his hips and how long he takes to get up after getting knocked down.

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Cassel, for his part, has been pretty consistent in his approach and that's a positive one. "I'm upbeat," the Chiefs QB said Wednesday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "There's no doubt about it. You can ask anybody in this locker room how I am throughout the course of the week. I'm upbeat, and throughout the course of the game, you'll see me walking up and down the sideline talking to the guys."

So there are two questions: 1.) Does Cassel have bad body language and if so 2.) Is it affecting his teammates?

Sean's story has the opinions of body language experts on No. 1. As for No. 2, there isn't any concrete evidence -- i.e. teammates talking negatively about him -- that suggests it is. We can speculate all we want but over a four-year period with Cassel at the helm you'd think we'd hear someone, a former teammate perhaps, complain about his body language and/or attitude if it were a problem.

All that said, my non-expert yet exclusive body language analysis of Cassel is below:
Bad body language:


Good body language:


Good body language:


Photo credit: Denny Medley - USPRESSWIRE

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